Aprx Review of Parallel Triangle

Reviewed By Chelsea Perry

Official Apex Reviews Rating: 5 stars

Bestowed with the gift of “The Sight,” young Englishwoman Elizabeth is subsequently charged with completing a crucial task by the leaders of Earthzad, an advanced civilization in a dimension hidden from the people of Earth; however, she soon finds herself falling head over heels for Orion, her handsome taskmaster, which has the potential to complicate her mission...meanwhile, Orion is motivated solely by his overpowering affection for Jocasta, the beautiful, intelligent ruler of his home region on Earthzad; unbeknownst to Orion, even though Jacosta feels just as strongly for him, she harbors a deep secret that prevents her from returning his affections...caught up in a monumental struggle for the peace and stability of the galaxy, Elizabeth, Orion, and Jacosta ultimately find themselves trapped not only within the throes of battle – but also of unrequited passion...

Parallel Triangle is nothing if not imaginative. In gripping fashion, author Sandy Hyatt-James has crafted a winding tale of action, drama, and suspense, featuring vivid, unique characters and cleverly intersecting plotlines. More than just a tale of brooding romantic tension, Parallel Triangle invites readers to travel to the nether regions of their imagination, incorporating impressive elements of fantasy and Sci-Fi while simultaneously exploring the visceral depths of emotional turmoil. Equally riveting and eye-opening, Hyatt-James’ debut offering is the strong introduction of a promising new literary voice. A thoroughly entertaining read.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Well - There's a Thing!

I've just come back off holiday to find that "Sabine Dolls" has risen to number 15 on the Bookstrand bestsellers list. I'm totally amazed and delighted that it appears to be doing reasonably well like this, especially as I'm an unknown author. Adding to my surprise is that Coffee Time Romance has agreed to review it, as has Dear Author. Of course, I'm aware that this could be a bitter-sweet coup for me, if the reviews aren't good. Still, I'm happy to have got this far.

I've also had my second novel, "Parallel Triangle" accepted for publication by Penumbra Publishing. I'm working on the cover art and last minute edits at the moment. The reason I'm going with Penumbra as opposed to Bluewood Publishing, who have Sabine Dolls, is that I wanted an American publisher for this novel.

Now for a different topic. I've just got back from a holiday on the Bulgarian coast. It was pleasant to have had a change of scene, but oh how we missed home and especially our dogs! Anyway, what I wanted to record down here was how shocked I was at the lack of modesty on the beach. Now, I have very little time for fuddy-duddies. All the same, while watching hoards of young women walking around in thongs, some of whom were topless as well, I felt saddened that they all seemed so willing to compromise their mystery in this way.

As a writer of romance, I have to be able to get into the psyche of the male many times. (I've also been around a long time on this planet and have spoken to many men, which has helped.) Suffice it to say that although we women have evolved a long way since emancipation, men have largely remained Neaderthal in the way they view women. Oh I know they might say that they're modern, but most of them would rather a woman covered up in public, thereby leaving their imaginations to run riot.

As a species, men are conservative on the subject of what women should or shouldn't show. They might sit and ogle a beautiful woman with everything on display, of course, but most of them don't really want the women in their life to do the same. Also, young males, deep down in their hearts, would rather not choose a girl whose body has been viewed by the world either.

I'm well aware that this makes me sound old-fashioned but, this is my blog and I don't care - so there!