Aprx Review of Parallel Triangle

Reviewed By Chelsea Perry

Official Apex Reviews Rating: 5 stars

Bestowed with the gift of “The Sight,” young Englishwoman Elizabeth is subsequently charged with completing a crucial task by the leaders of Earthzad, an advanced civilization in a dimension hidden from the people of Earth; however, she soon finds herself falling head over heels for Orion, her handsome taskmaster, which has the potential to complicate her mission...meanwhile, Orion is motivated solely by his overpowering affection for Jocasta, the beautiful, intelligent ruler of his home region on Earthzad; unbeknownst to Orion, even though Jacosta feels just as strongly for him, she harbors a deep secret that prevents her from returning his affections...caught up in a monumental struggle for the peace and stability of the galaxy, Elizabeth, Orion, and Jacosta ultimately find themselves trapped not only within the throes of battle – but also of unrequited passion...

Parallel Triangle is nothing if not imaginative. In gripping fashion, author Sandy Hyatt-James has crafted a winding tale of action, drama, and suspense, featuring vivid, unique characters and cleverly intersecting plotlines. More than just a tale of brooding romantic tension, Parallel Triangle invites readers to travel to the nether regions of their imagination, incorporating impressive elements of fantasy and Sci-Fi while simultaneously exploring the visceral depths of emotional turmoil. Equally riveting and eye-opening, Hyatt-James’ debut offering is the strong introduction of a promising new literary voice. A thoroughly entertaining read.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I hate the winter so don't expect too much from me around that time. Now, though, it's warm, heady and full of buds and crocuses. Lovely.

So, what have I been doing? I've finished the final edits of Sabine Dolls at last and that should go out as an e-book soon. I've also completed my second novel: Parallel Triangle. I've been trying to get an agent for it, to no avail. I've learned not to expect too much in that area though, since getting an agent is, as far as I'm concerned even harder than getting a publisher. Anyway, there are quite a few new online UK publishers springing up, and most of them don't require you to be agented.

No matter how I try, I can't seem to get away from newspapers or the radio talking about the banking crisis. Seeing the bankers still taking their massive bonuses takes my breath away. How do they sleep at night. Quite easily is the answer to that, since they don't have a shred or altruism in them. What a disgrace when, all around us, people are having their homes re-possessed and these corporate bankers are creaming off all the wealth of the country.

I don't like Capitalism now. But then - what are the alternatives. If we were to install another "ism" into our daily lives, I daresay within a year, it would resemble the same structure. That is, one to two percent of the population with all the money and the rest scratching about to live decently.

So let's try and end on a positive note. Ah yes, I've got some good friends coming round for dinner this evening. That thought will keep me going for a while.